Paul circa 2008

Paul circa 2008

Paul Fishman wasn't always #FISHMANFIT. At nearly 240 pounds he used his weight as a crutch, he used it as an excuse to not follow his dreams and he used it as a way to hide. Enter 2012 the year everything changed.

When Paul was living in New York City in the summer of 2012 he made a commitment to himself to make a change. He finally took advantage of that gym membership he had been paying for for years. You know, the kind where you pay a monthly fee to say you're a member of a gym, but never go...yup, that was Paul. 

After work Paul would head to the gym and push himself to actually work out. Lots and lots of fear and boundaries were being broken down during this time. Paul was so scared of how people would view him at the gym - my oh my did Paul have some self growth to do!

 Paul just a few months before he decided to make a change.

Paul just a few months before he decided to make a change.

That summer Paul shed a good 20 pounds and gained a whole bunch of self esteem, but his journey was still far from being over. In November of 2012 he found Indoor Cycling and his life changed forever. Paul found a community of people who challenged him and pushed him to do amazing things. Not to mention he got to connect with music for 45 minutes and let go of everything else in the world.

The next 30 pounds didn't go as quickly and there were definitely some set backs here and there, but Paul pushed on and made sure to honor his journey. In 2013 Paul's time in New York came to an end and almost a year after he found spin, he decided to get certified to teach it. 


It's November 2014 and Paul moved from the hustle and bustle of New York City back home to San Diego where he spent a good 9 months missing his New York cycling family. Without spin Paul had gained some of his weight back, but he was determined to make his way up on the podium. Then on July 4th of 2014 he stumbled upon SPARKCYCLE and the rest is history.

Today Paul is living his passion teaching Spin and Pilates to his loyal #FISHMANFIT family and supporting his mission to educate as many people about self love, abundance and health through constantly adding to his certification roster. Join Paul on his journey whether you're taking a class locally in San Diego or simply reading his blog.  

Paul holds certifications in indoor cycling, pilates and personal training.