Wear oh wear is Paul this week?

Don't get it twisted my #FISHMANFIT family, I know how to spell and I'm well aWEAR of the grammatical mishaps that are happening in the title of this weeks blog.

Let's talk about a couple of thing. First of all. My schedule is a little light this week. I'm taking Thursday off because my organic food business is LAUNCHING (exclamation points galore) and I'm going to be working like a mad man this week trying to get things together. Think how hard you work in my classes, then multiply that by at least a million. Anyway, the company is called Ground 2 Table and it offers a new way to spice up your life, via ORGANIC PERFECTLY PORTIONED SPICE BLEND PACKETS. I can't get too crazy and divulge everything to you, but please check, check, check it out. Pssssst Click HERE and you'll be magically transported to the website where we have a PreLaunch campaign running that gives you the opportunity to help spread the word and earn FREE (yes, I did just use that word) Spice Packets while you're at it!

Ok, so now you know why your Thursday isn't going to be as charismatic at 6:00AM, but why the grammatical "error" in the title...WELL, it's just a week that feels right for launching things so get ready, because the OFFICIAL #FISHMANFIT ACTIVEWEAR COLLECTION is ready for Pre Order! Save the gasps for when you see yourself in the mirror WEARing these awesome tanks and Ts.

Imagine yourself looking super cute and sweaty in your #FISHMANFIT Activewear!

Imagine yourself looking super cute and sweaty in your #FISHMANFIT Activewear!

So, hopefully you've connected the dots by now as to why I used "wear" in the title. Oh, and, hopefully you're about to pre order your #FISHMANFIT Activewear.

Much Love,