How will you THRIVE without me?

See what I did there? THRIVE MARKET? THRIVE without me? ::dead::

Ok, now that I've punned you to death we really have to chatski about THRIVE MARKET my ONE STOP (almost) SHOP for everything gluten free, organic, vegan, delicious, life-changing and the rest of those descriptive words. THRIVE is like the Costco of the online world with a Whole Foods vibe. Yes that means there's a membership fee - I know, I know, BUT the good news is that it is BEYOND worth it and just like TOMS they are doing this awesome one-for-one thing that gives a family in need a membership every time someone purchases one. Heartstrings officially pulled!

So why now? Why am I introducing you to THRIVE now? Well, I’ve been keeping it to myself for 2 very different reasons. The first being that my favorite cashew butter is always selling out and I do not want any competition nor do I want to have to go to Jimbo’s (<3 them for my produce and not-so-dried goods needs) to buy it for $17 #raworganicveganblahblah when I could get it for $12 #stillRAWORGANICVEGANYEAHYEAH on THRIVE. I know. Not cool (for the summer, like Demi).

The other reason is because I wanted to make sure that I could bring you a FREE 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP, well, FREE! And the crowd goes wild (psssst that’s you!)

So, there is a catch - the 3 MONTH MEMBERSHIP can only go to ONE lucky #FISHMANFIT of JULY contest participant and it’s being given away as the second week prize! Don’t all rush over to my schedule at once - I’m gone this week - remember? Take a look at my most recent instagram post to find out how to win!


Don’t forget to use hashtag #FISHMANFIT and tag me in your facebook posts (are we friends, yet?) and instagram pics (#followbackyoungin’) Ok, last bit of info about THRIVE. Your FIRST MONTH is FREE, FIRST ORDER is 25% off (!!!) and you get free shipping when you spend $49 or more (shipping should only be around $5 if you’re under that threshold). That basically means you can JOIN NOW, take advantage of the sick deals and when ( you win the 3 MONTH FREE MEMBERSHIP you’ll actually be getting an entire quarter of a year for free. Mind. Blown.

Where should you start? How about with this tasty looking Apricot Chia Seed Pudding recipe found on the THRIVE BLOG?


I’m going to miss you while I’m away, put I can’t wait to see what kind of deliciousness you’re cooking up this week!

Peace, Love and all things Organic,