Technology, Life Lessons and #FISHMANFITcamp!

Yesterday I experienced a major #techfail. It was one of those pull-your-hair-out-why-isn’t-this-working-because-it-always-works moments. Now, if you didn’t know I am one of the online trainers for an app called On-Aire Bootcamp, a live streaming workout platform that lets you get #FISHMANFIT from the comfort of your own living room (or anywhere that has WiFi for that matter). I had worked really hard and hyped my St. Patrick’s Day Push-ups + Planks Challenge heavily on social media and was ready to lead this awesome workout. The first session was planned for 2PM and I had a few people ready and eager to join me and when I tried to log in and start the guessed it, the site was down.

So there I was, helpless at the hands of technology and in turn casually devastated that I literally could not do anything. Then it hit me - although technology has added so many amazing things to this world we’ve really come to rely too heavily on it - or at least I have. That’s why I love teaching fitness, it gives me a way to connect with real live human beings and on top of that creates a positive space for said connections!

So, without further adieu I am going to take the tech out of my life when it comes to bootcamps and bring back #FISHMANFITcamp! Lots of you have been asking how to cross train and create a stronger better version of yourself and now is the time to join me and get on that. We’ll be having fun (in the sun) during this outdoor boot camp by using our body weight and minimal equipment to create a workout you won’t forget. Plan on lots of #teamworkmakesthedreamwork moments and even more opportunities to feel empowered to change your life through positive affirmation and fitness.

Stay tuned to my schedule page to find out the location and times I’ll be offering #FISHMANFITcamp and remember, technology is awesome but human interaction is wayyyyy better.