In life, I have found that it is super important to engage in all my passions. If you've taken my class you probably know that I'm passionate about music and, well, getting down with muh bad self...but what you might not know is that I'm also very involved in OTHER kinds of movement(s). 

The slow food movement is a huge passion of mine. Getting people to think about what they are consuming, why they are consuming it and where it comes from are huge topics that are always on my mind. It is one thing to come to Sparkcycle and dance your ass off on a bike with me but it is another to take it to the next level and engage in conscious food consumption. 

But how do I do this, Paul? Well, let me introduce you to Ground 2 Table. A new and exciting organic food startup that sells perfectly portioned spice blends that flavor a meal for 2-4 people. What does this mean for you? It means the freshest spices, the smallest amount of waste (cue the company's mantra Buy Small | Use it All®), and a new exciting way to get you back into the kitchen. Oh, and the best part of it...Ground 2 Table is the brainchild of my father and I!

So, to help you on your way we're running a fantastic promotion right now that allows you to get our All Purpose Salt Free Seasoning for FREE! Check it out and think about how you can child your world. One bite at a time.

Much love,