The YOU DO YOU Giveaway + 2015: a Eulogy

Ok 2015, you're basically almost dead to me. I mean, once Friday rolls around we'll have officially said our goodbyes and I'm moving on - while you stay, well, dead-ish. 

Isn't it weird how the years pass by and then are literally no more? We can hold on to the memories, but it will never be 2015 again. Well, at least as far as we know - right? So that's what SPARKED (pun very much intended) me to think about how I would say goodbye to 2015 as if I had to write a eulogy for it. Stay with me here.

2015. You were actually really really good to me. I finally, and I mean finally, found my passion and turned it into a full fledged career while you were around. Don't get me wrong, all my past jobs were pretty great and I'm super blessed to have experienced them, but let's be real #FISHMANFIT is my legit calling. So, with that said I wanted to thank you, and send you off with a lot of love and some major respect.

Wait, i'm not done, so don't leave my quite yet (it's like when we're stretching in class and you have to run to work but I really want you to get your hip flexors in). I want to talk about 2016 and YOU. Yes that's right, YOU! I know you LOVE giveaways, so let's talk about what I'm working on to help YOU make your goals in 2016! Drumroll puhhhlllleeeaaaasssseeee


How to enter: Come to any of my classes between Thursday 12/31 and Sunday 1/3 and fill out an entry form with how YOU are going to DO YOU in 2016. Only ONE entry per class per person. The more times you come to class the more opportunities you have to win!

The Prizes:

A full size Passion Planner to keep all your goals organized and in one place. This is the tool I used to help me tackle some of my major goals in 2015!

passion planner


A set of 3 Essential Oil Chapsticks that are exclusive to the holiday season and the exclusive way I keep my lips hydrated and healthy



A bottle of Tangerine Essential Oil or Lemon Essential Oil or Grapefruit Essential Oil - All of which are perfect additions to your daily water intake.



A Copy of The Life Changing Art of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo - the legit way that I cleansed my home of things that do not bring me joy!

One Month of #FISHMANFIT Nutrition Coaching which will help you reevaluate your relationship with food and how you fuel your body!

I can't wait to see what kind of things you guys want to commit to for 2016 and I'm even more excited to SEE YOU IN CLASS!

Make sure to book your bike or megaformer via my SCHEDULE PAGE so you can get in on the excitement!

OFFICIAL GUIDELINES: There will be SEVEN (7) randomly selected winners on or around Monday January 4th. Each winner will only receive ONE (1) of the SEVEN (7) prizes. There are SEVEN (7) prizes TOTAL and there will be SEVEN (7) winners total.