Who will you be on March 17th, 2017?

Just for a minute casually consider something…

Consider who you want to be on March 17th, 2017.

If you were at the very top of your health and well-being, what would you feel like? What would your family members and friends say about you? How much energy would you have?

So fast-forward and paint yourself a picture: What do you look like on March 17th, 2017?

That’s what the Whole Life Challenge will do for you when you join my team and make a commitment to replace a few bad lifestyle habits with good lifestyle habits. (You can learn more about the Whole Life Challenge by watching the video here.)

Once you watch the videos, you can join my team here: Join team #FISHMANFIT. For eight weeks, starting on January 21st and ending on March 17th, we’ll work on all the areas of our well-being—like nutrition, stretching, exercise, for starters.

The Whole Life Challenge is basically a game that challenges us to “try on” a whole life of health and fitness for eight weeks. As a team, we can win points and lose points (hopefully we’ll win more than we lose). And the prize is … Well, it’s who you are on March 17th, plus some other exciting things along the way!

I hope you’ll watch the video and join my team. In fact, I WANT you on my team!


To join my team: Team #FISHMANFIT

Our Team’s name: #FISHMANFIT