I want you to love what you eat, and eat what you love. All while making your goals a reality!

Paul's personal transformation can 100% attest to his tried and true methods. The hardest person to coach is oneself. If Paul did this for himself, imagine what he could do partnering with you! 


Have you ever tried counting calories? You know what I’m talking about- downloading a tracking app on your phone and inputting everything you’re eating into it. Well, if you’re like me that nonsense lasted at most a week, right? That’s probably why you ended up here. You see, the fitness industry has been pounding into our brains that the calorie is almighty and it’s time that I shine some light on this issue. Want to learn more and receive some pretty cool infographics about why calorie counting doesn’t work long term?


Ok, I know what you’re thinking “but, my friend had a bunch of success on that new trendy elimination diet” or “my parents swear by sugar free and fat free.” Here’s the deal, if you had the same body, genetic makeup and activity level as all the people in your life you could easily follow their nutrition tips and tricks. In fact, we could all eat the same thing and we would all look the same. How boring would that be? Are you ready to break free of what everyone around you is telling you to do and take control of your own eating habits, life and body?

We live in the age of technology, the age of Amazon Prime and information at our fingertips 24/7. Now, you’d think that technology could just make us healthy and fit already but alas there’s still work that needs to be done. I want to teach you how to get rid of your calorie counting app, take back your health and dig a little deeper into the habits that will help you manage your new healthy lifestyle!

Are you ready? Your first step is to fill out a quick application that helps me learn a little more about you and your goals. If we're a right fit I'll be in touch with next steps!