From the whole life website:

The Whole Life Challenge is an eight-week online, community-building, habit-changing game that challenges you to create a happier, healthier life by making small changes to your daily habits. Playing along with your friends, and family, you’ll score points every day, focusing on seven key areas of health and well-being: nutrition, exercise, mobilization, sleep, hydration, lifestyle practices, and reflection.

As your leader I will coach you through the entire process offering tips and tricks on how to stay accountable throughout the entire 8 weeks! You can also expect:

  • Local kickoff event on Saturday January 21nd with opportunity to receive your measurements and workout times
  • Exclusive bootcamps for San Diego Members
  • Whole Life Challenge Workout videos published to my YouTube Channel
  • A Facebook group dedicated to our team
  • Weekly raffles for local and non-local players to keep things exciting and interesting while you play
  • Final Awards Ceremony at the end of the Challenge